Fraud and corruption in the church

11 September 2016

Back at the end of October 2015, I published a series of posts giving some very brief details of the extent of the financial and moral corruption that seemed to permeate much of ‘churchianity’ in the Western World. (You can read the 3 part series ‘Palace of Lies‘ by clicking here)

That series of posts began with a prophetic vision the Lord gave me of a ‘fairytale palace‘ made of what appeared to be ‘opaque white glass‘. The opaqueness made it impossible for anyone to see what was really going on behind the external facade. The castle symbolised ‘men’ setting themselves up as ‘kingly rulers’, hoping thereby to win to themselves as their bride, the heart of the ‘fair maiden’, who represents the ‘bride of Christ’

The palace had no solid foundations, but just floated in the air on clouds, indicating it is what is termed a ‘castle in the air‘. That’s an idiomatic phrase applied to dreams of future success held by people, but whose plans and hopes have little or no chance of happening. As well,’Glass’ is a very brittle substance, which collapses quickly once any real stress is put upon it.

The vision ended with the castle collapsing and broken glass pieces, nearly all of which were long thin spear-like slivers with very sharp edges, falling upon on a very large number of people, both inside the building and gathered immediately around it. These glass spears passed through the bodies of these people, killing them and leaving their dead bodies pinned to the ground. It seemed to me that every person was “killed”, and there were no survivors at all.

The remaining two posts in that earlier series dealt mostly with the ‘cover-up’ of the sexual abuse of children by church leaders, and the point made at the time was that if leaders could cover-up something as morally corrupt as that, then they would be quite capable of covering up just about any other evil you could think of.

So, what’s been happening since?….